Rozz is an alien Tech Deck Dude. He has alien eye and the generic face of the Tech Deck Dudes. He wears shoes that are the same color as his skin.


Name: Rozz

Occupation: Test Pilot

Home State: New Mexico

Hobbies: Skateboarding, Disecting animals

Education: Unknown

Favorite Food: Plastic

Favorite Movie: Lost in Space

Favorite Band: Devo


  • Rozz's name is most likely Rozz because he's an alien, an most alien knowing center around Rosewell, New Mexico.
  • Rozz's gray variation could be based off of a type of alien called Greys.
  • Rozz's Profile is as the following on his case:
  • After the original serie, he is now called Rozz Cow, because in his new look, he dressed up like a cow.


Rozz (gray)

Rozz (Gray)

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